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Investing Strategies

Staging to Sell: "Do's" and "Don'ts"

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hourglassTime is money. 

And nowhere is this truism more true than in real estate.

Let’s say the loan payments on your flip are $1,500 per month… You gotta start thinking of that stuff as $50 per day (if you haven’t already).

Yes, the clock starts ticking on your closing day.  Tick, tock…  Tick, tock…

Every additional day between closing and selling means you just lost another $50

Then think of all the utility bills, taxes, and insurance. You pay more and more – and more – as time goes by.

And what if you see an even better deal come along?  But your money is tied up in your current flip?  How much extra profit are you losing?  (Economists refer to this as “opportunity cost – and it can be even more painful than all your largest expenditures combined.)

The more the clock keeps ticking and tocking, the more everybody else’s cash registers keep ringing. 

Make it stop!  Make it stop! …

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