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Investing Strategies

Rehabbers: Are City Inspectors Your BFF Yet?

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hugWhy do you need to be BFFs with your city inspector?

At the end of the day, your success, profitability, and reputation as a rehabber are all in the hands of your inspector.  Simply put, if your city inspector does not like you, well, then you’re screwed.

So make it your goal to establish good rapport with your inspectors, in order to walk hand-in-in hand with your new BFF.

But how do you become BFFs with your city inspector?  What nuances and subtleties should be kept in mind, as you shift your focus from working with contractors to reviewing their work with the local authorities?

In today’s lesson, rehabbing veteran Bob McIntosh explains not only why your relationship with city inspectors is so critical, but also how to maximize this relationship’s potential for your long-term investing success.

It’s All About Relationships

philBob is a full-time rehabber who proudly runs a thriving and highly-profitable rehabbing business in multiple markets.  He knows a thing or two about dealing with inspectors, and today this “red-headed rehabber” has agreed to share his wealth of highly practical knowledge with Real Estate Mogul.

Our previous lessons from Bob have provided numerous insights about the importance of savvy relationship management in the home renovations business, primarily regarding your relationships with contractors:

Against this informative backdrop, it should come as no surprise that Bob is well-versed in many aspects of rehab-related relationship management – including the art of working with city inspectors.

So today's tactical advice is for any real estate investor who wishes to (i) maximize his effective collaborations with local code enforcement agencies while (ii) minimizing any unnecessary relational friction and/or opportunity cost.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • How to make a first and lasting impression on your city inspector(s)
  • How to nurture your relationship with your city inspector(s)
  • Why you need inspectors to be your BFF and what may happen if they aren’t
  • Why you and your contractor should be at every inspection and never miss a date with the inspector
  • What your contractors should know to keep you and your BFF inspector from having a fight

Check-out the following video for Bob’s insights about city inspectors!

The Red-Headed Rehabber Explains…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

All Hands on Deck – Always arrange for your contractor(s) to be present during a city inspector’s tours of any property.

Build Rapport – Build rapport with city inspectors by showing respect, providing good conversation and taking them seriously.

Be Prepared – Always have your inspection list with you when you meet your city inspector.

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