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Investing Strategies

Seductive Selling: Crafting a Hypnotic Listing Sheet

hypnotistWhat if I told you that you could hypnotize buyers and seduce them into buying your property?

You are getting very, very sleepy….

You also think I am very, very sexy…

When I snap my fingers you will awake, finding me irresistible. You will have an undeniable urge to buy anything I’m selling.

Okay maybe it doesn’t quite go like that, but pretty close. Really your listing sheet will be doing all the work. (It’s about time. I am really sick of always being treated like a sex object).

Okay, so anyway, how can you seduce buyers through a listing sheet?

To teach you just how, we’re once again graced by the presence of JD Esajian, who previously taught us 1 Trick to Selling Your Fix and Flip and


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