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Investing Strategies

10 Ways I Sell My Properties at Lightning Speed (to Cash Buyers) Part I

Have you ever wondered how some wholesalers sell properties at lightning speed, and others seem to struggle to sell even the most attractive properties?

Well today, we have a brand spankin’ new expert – Alex Pardo – who’s going to tell us how it all comes down to the QUALITY (not quantity) of your buyer’s list. In this video lesson, we’re going to share with you 10 strategies that will get your properties sold in 24-48 hours and explode one of the biggest assets in your wholesaling biz –  YOUR CA$H BUYER’S LIST.

Welcome Newbie Alex Pardo

Actually, Alex isn’t a newbie investor, just a newbie here at Mogul. He’s a native of Miami and graduated from Florida International University before entering the corporate world with GE Consumer Finance. It did not take him long to realize that working 70+ hours a week for someone else would not fulfill his dream of helping others while at…

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