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Investing Strategies

10 Ways I Sell My Properties at Lightning Speed, Part 2

get readyHola, peeps. It’s me again – Alex Pardo, but some like to call me the “Speedy Gonzales” of real estate investing because I sell properties at lightning speed. Previously, I unveiled the first few tips in this awesome lesson, and today I am coming at you with the last few in Part 2.

You haven’t forgotten who Alex is already, have you?

This is Alex’s second awesome lesson with us as a Mogul Faculty Advisor. After playing the corporate rat race, Alex decided to jump into REI and within 1 month of launching his real estate investing business, he landed his first deal (a short sale), which made him almost as much money as what he was earning in Corporate America.

Alex is determined to provide value to other entrepreneurs while maintaining a successful investing career and has trained with many of the top REI experts and is dedicated…

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