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Investing Strategies

Four Gutsy Short Sale Moves Nobody Else is Doing

signDon’t you hate it when your trip to the grocery store takes three stinkin’ hours because somebody’s horse and buggy breaks down on the freeway?  I mean, c’mon!  How hard can it be for the horses to simply drag that carriage onto the median?

Waitaminute…  What’s that you say?

You’ve never seen a horse and buggy on the freeway?

Oh!  That’s right!  This is 2013!  Nobody uses horses and buggies anymore!  If anybody is actually trying to drive a horse and buggy down the freeway, they need to get with the times and make some major changes to their worldview…

…just like anybody who still thinks the short sale market is dead.

pioneerWanted: Brave Pioneers for Short Selling

That’s right, in the same way that the transportation industry has evolved and improved, the market for short sales has also undergone some major changes…

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