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Investing Strategies

Four Gutsy Short Sale Moves Nobody Else is Doing

signDon’t you hate it when your trip to the grocery store takes three stinkin’ hours because somebody’s horse and buggy breaks down on the freeway?  I mean, c’mon!  How hard can it be for the horses to simply drag that carriage onto the median?

Waitaminute…  What’s that you say?

You’ve never seen a horse and buggy on the freeway?

Oh!  That’s right!  This is 2013!  Nobody uses horses and buggies anymore!  If anybody is actually trying to drive a horse and buggy down the freeway, they need to get with the times and make some major changes to their worldview…

…just like anybody who still thinks the short sale market is dead.

pioneerWanted: Brave Pioneers for Short Selling

That’s right, in the same way that the transportation industry has evolved and improved, the market for short sales has also undergone some major changes during recent years.  (It’s not your father’s game anymore.)  And any investor who fails to account for this important shift in short sales runs the risk of looking as foolish (and antiquated) as a carriage driver on the freeway.

Despite popular opinions to the contrary, there is still a ton of money to be made in short sales – but only for investors who are “in the know”.  These savvy pioneers are pressing onward in their short sale businesses, bravely moving forward amid the recent wave of new laws and regulatory changes (which have caused many of their competitors to abandon short sales altogether).  And upon rediscovering lucrative profits in this area, some of the gutsiest short sale pioneers are inviting you to join them in their successful trailblazing efforts.

shaunIntroducing Our "Short Sale Sherpa"

Shaun McCloskey is one such investor.  Affectionately known as Real Estate Mogul’s “short sale sherpa”, Shaun has been changing with the times – and he wants to share a few helpful tricks with you.

According to Shaun, “There’s a smart way to do things and a dumb way to do things – and today we’re talking about the smart way.  We’re changing with the times, which means getting more innovative with (i) your marketing, (ii) your approach and (iii) your negotiation tactics.”

So if you’re the type of gutsy investor who is willing to try a few bold short sale moves that nobody else is trying, then today’s lesson is for you.  But be forewarned: Nobody else is doing this stuff, and you will probably end-up ruffling more than a few people’s feathers…

Shaun McCloskey Describes the Cutting Edge of Short Sale Investing...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Use Direct Mail – Obtain the latest and most accurate pre-foreclosure list possible, then use simple handwritten letters (mailed in fancy “wedding invitation” envelopes) to advertise your services as someone who might be able to postpone the recipients’ foreclosures.

Use Social Media – After distributing the handwritten letters, use social media to reinforce your offer for as many letter recipients as possible (on the same day your handwritten letter is delivered).

Use Couriers – In addition to reinforcing your offer through social media, use Shaun’s methodology for sending a personal courier service to visit key homeowners (on the same day your other letters and messages are received).

Use Your Phone – Take advantage of the Internet’s “reverse lookup” technology to obtain phone numbers for each letter recipient, then reinforce your offer by calling as many recipients as possible.

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