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Investing Strategies

How Do I Know Which Short Sale Deals to Go After?

shaun and jpAs a seasoned short sale real estate investor in St. Louis, Shaun McCloskey is in the trenches daily in this market. He knows what’s working, what’s not and why.  If my Mom wanted to learn how to crush it in short sales, Shaun’s the guy I’d call for her.

In other Mogul lessons, Shaun’s shared some really strong information with us – negotiating strategies and cool, Jedi mind tricks – all about helping you really demolish your competition, regardless of your investing niche.

In this one, I’m asking Shaun to dig into his short sales specialty specifically, and help you see if the short sale opportunity you have in front of you is actually worth pursuing.  Short sales are present an immense opportunity right now, but they also require a certain investment of time and energy. There’s nothing worse than wasting your time, money and effort going after the wrong deals.

So let’s go to Shaun…

From Shaun McCloskey, Short Sales Advisor...

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