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Investing Strategies

10% Response Rate! Steal These Sneaky Short Sale Marketing Tricks

short sale marketing tricksSo times, they are a-changing. And the fact is, in short sales, you just can't use the same old tricks the same old way you did in 2006 and expect the same old results today.

Jason Roberts is new blood. This guy's a short sale machine with his finger firmly on the pulse of what's working today and what's not, and he's got the street cred (in deals) to back it up.

We recently had the chance to grill Jason for about 13 mins on his personal, top-shelf marketing tactics he's using to claim (get this) a whopping 10% response rate from motivated sellers!


Now just to be clear, what you're about to learn is something you can apply regardless of your specific real estate investing niche. Jason just happens to be crushing it in the short sale arena

What we talked about:

  • The 3 specific marketing magnets he focuses exclusively on now, and why
  • How and why they work so exceptionally wel together

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