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Investing Strategies

What Does the Short Sale Process Really Look Like? Part 1

short saleYou’re probably familiar with the wholesaling process. And you might know the basics of what’s involved in a fix & flip, and maybe you know about the buy & hold strategy too…

But what about short sales?

Yep, just as I suspected… I hear crickets.  

So in today’s post, I want to clear up some confusion about short sales by explaining what that process entails and how that type of deal can benefit everyone involved.

Hey Moguls, David Corbaley here... did you know that short sales have been done for years and years, and they’ll continue to be done forever?

Why is that?

Well, although it’s certainly unfortunate, there’s always going to be that situation where a homeowner – for whatever reason – is unable to make their mortgage payments.

The timeframe before the property goes into the foreclosure process is when the short sale can occur.

We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty details…

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