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Investing Strategies

Wholesaler Essentials: Earnest Money 101

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Hey guys! It’s Steph Davis, and I’m here today to share with you some of my thoughts on earnest money and how you can protect yours.

This lesson is an extension of my wholesaler essential series at Mogul, and today I’m all about eliminating for you one of the biggest stumbling blocks so many of us encounter in the wholesaling world.

I’m talking about earnest money.

Since I started in the wholesale business, I like to think I’ve helped some people through their first deals, and in doing so, I’ve learned what to do and what not to do with my earnest dollars. And hey, if I can save you time, money and a few premature crow’s feet, then kudos to me, high fives to you, and drinks all around!

Here we go…

How Do I Protect Myself From Losing Earnest Money?

If you’re about to submit your first offer on REO properties (congrats!), and you’re afraid of losing money. News flash: You’re…

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