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Investing Strategies

How I Made $25K Extra (By Pricing My Wholesale Too High)

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extra moneyHey guys, welcome back to another exciting lesson in the wholesaling arena. This time we turn back to one of our key in-house wholesaling advisors, Alex Pardo. Alex has contributed a lot of great content about wholesaling.

Today, we’re gonna dig into one of Alex’s recent deals and listen as he explains why he had to renegotiate one his wholesale deals after realizing that it was priced too high… and how he was actually able to make an extra $25,000 as a result of that. I know, it sounds a little counterintuitive, but you’ll understand when you tune in to Alex’s video lesson below.

As a side note to this, you may recall a lesson that JP shared with us about how to renegotiate wholesale deals. JP laid out his exact strategy for renegotiating the wholesale deal when and if it’s needed.

But remember, every investor and every wholesaler handles things differently, and I think there’s a lot to be learned from how Alex handles the renegotiation process, so let’s check in with Alex and hear what happened in his recent deal.

From Alex Pardo…

Today, Moguls, I’m going to “open the kimono” on a rarely talked about topic, which can be a very valuable strategy (if used at the right time).

Have you ever gone back to a seller during your inspection period and requested a price reduction because of insert reason here? Whether you have or haven’t, I’d like to share my thoughts on this strategy, and explain how we just leveraged this tool to create a $25k profit on a deal we otherwise would have lost (and made ZERO on!)


Okay Moguls, take what you’ve learned in this video lesson and go out and implement it today – take action!

Holla at Me

So, what are your thoughts on this “Price Reduction” strategy? Tell me how you’ve used it in your business. Share below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Know what you should expect to make on an average wholesale deal.

Build rapport with the seller and find out what they want to accomplish by selling their property – what’s their true motivation.

Show the seller all the issues that will cost money to rehab in order to sell the property.

Renegotiate a lower price based on the repair costs that you already showed the seller were needed.

Remember that renegotiating a price reduction should really only be discussed if truly warranted.

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