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5 Ways to Turn Your Phone into a Fax Machine

dwight faxI recently overheard a friend blurting out, “Fax machines? Who in the world still uses those old dinosaurs?!?”

Answer: the real estate industry

Yes, in the age of E-everything, faxes are in so many ways ancient now. But anyone active in the real estate world knows well that many of us just can't seem to get past them. Even with e-scanners, e-signatures and even e-notaries readily available, many in our herd still rely heavily on fax – especially when a “real signature” is desired.

For the rest of us – for the devout smart phone users out there – I’m happy to say there are more than a few great apps out nowadays that we can use to keep playing ball with the devoted fax-centric, while remaining fearlessly paperless and e-centric.

In other words, here are some cool apps that can turn your phone into a fax machine :-)

jotnotJotNot Fax

In brief: “JotNot Fax turns your iPhone and/or iPad into a portable, outbound fax machine. Use JotNot Fax to send PDF files to any US or Canadian fax number from anywhere. Using JotNot Fax is easy: Step 1. Import a PDF document – Step 2. Enter a destination number. – Step 3. Hit "Send". That's it! Now, how easy is that? Seriously.”

Cost: App is free, but faxing requires credits, which can be added via in-app purchase. Costs around $1/page.

Works on: iPhone and iPad

Get it: iPhone/iPad here


In brief: “CamScanner is an intelligent document management solution for individuals, small businesses, organizations, governments and schools. It is the perfect fit for those who want to digitize, sync, share and manage various contents on all devices.” Let’s you scan from your camera, then fax scanned docs via network. Many features – more robust that just faxing.

Cost: Free version that relies on in-app ads and puts watermarks on your files (yuck) and a $5 version that dispenses with and has more features. Also faxing requires credits, which can be added via in-app purchases. Costs around $1/page. Here’s a nice 2-min video demo.

Works on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Get it: Android here and iPhone/iPad here

efaxeFax App

In brief: “Send and receive faxes with the eFax® App and your eFax® account. Use files from email, cloud or local storage, or take photos of docs and the App will enhance the images and fax them out - just like a mobile fax machine. Sign and annotate electronically. Add your digitized signature. Easily forward your messages as faxes or emails to anyone, from anywhere.”

Cost: App is free, but sending faxes requires an eFax account, and costs fall under whatever plan you have with them. Get a free trial account at www.efax.com/mobile

Works on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Get it: Android here and iPhone/iPad here

popPopcompanion (by PopFax)

In brief: Popfax.com is another leading internet fax service, similar to eFax.com. Popcompanion is their app, which allows users to send and receive faxes, to send SMS's, to receive voice messages, to manage contacts and folders through www.popfax.com API. It is another window to your Popfax.com online account.  Here’s a mobile friendly video demo.

Cost: Like eFax, the app is free, but sending faxes requires an PopFax.com account, and sending costs fall under whatever plan you have with them.

Works on: iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry (you heard me)

Get it: Android here, iPhone/iPad here and Blackberry here

metrofaxMetroFax Mobile

In brief: Easily send faxes from your smart device or files in the cloud — Box.net, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc.; dedicated local or toll-free fax number; view sent faxes; use contacts on your phone to address faxes; forward faxes to another fax number or email, resend a fax, push notifications via Cloud to device

Cost: Just like the other two above, MetroFax Mobile is the free companion for the MetroFax Internet faxing service. The app is free, but faxing costs you based on your MetroFax service plan.

Works on: Android and iPhone/iPad

Get it: Android here and iPhone/iPad here

Bottom Line

All of these apps have solid reviews and history behind them. They appear to be regularly updated and provide a simple, but feature rich experience.

If you already subscribe to one of the paid internet faxing services, then take your pick from the lower three choices listed. Otherwise, I recommend JotNot Fax for Apple users and CamScanner for Androids.

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