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How to Grow Your Website Traffic for Free

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase, “Content is king.”

It seems like all the rage that you have ‘epic’ content on your site to attract the largest audience. And find the most customers…

So what exactly is ‘epic’… content?

Epic content to someone interested in knitting will be very different than epic content to a homeowner trying to solve their financial crisis.

You want to make sure your content really appeals to people like:

  • Potential sellers
  • Buyers
  • Renters
  • Investors

Content marketing is important for every business that wants to establish a strong online presence. Gearing your content to those groups above means you have the best chance of making a connection.

If you’re unsure about what content marketing is, it’s actually really simple…

It’s giving your target market a glimpse of the best part of your business and the value you can offer them. It’s also some free information your target market could use. Giving away free value helps your prospects start to know, like and trust you.

Trust is very important when dealing with people like desperate homeowners.

What does it mean to have great content?

Content is anything you produce for your target audience. It may be:

  • Links
  • Articles
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Links
  • Quotes
  • Social Media Posts

writeA 2016 case study showed that small businesses with blogs experience 126% more lead growth than those businesses that don’t.

Being indexed faster in Google is the key to appearing in the first pages of Google search results. In other words, if your content answers the questions your target market is asking, they’ll see your website when they search for something on Google.

Ranking high on Google is one of the most effective ways motivated sellers can find your website. When people visit your website, you’ll generate more traffic and bring you good business.

2 Main Roadblocks in Writing Great Content

There are 2 main reasons why content marketing is taking over businesses and organizations:

  1. Google is a fan of amazing content, as well as websites that are constantly publishing fresh content.
  2. With billions of websites on the World Wide Web, creating your own unique content sets yourself apart from your competitors.

There are also 2 main roadblocks that hinder you from creating amazing content:

  1. The amount of time it takes to write great content.
  2. Topics to write about that pique your audience’s interest.

We’ll aim to eliminate problem #2 through AnswerThePublic.

Answering the Public’s Questions

AnswerThePublic is a free-to-use consumer insight tool that gathers all suggested searches from large search engines such as Google and Bing. These searches are then visualized as a search cloud…

The searches are categorized into what, where, why and more to give its users an organized output. The search clouds show you the type of questions the people are searching for from various devices.

Easy as 123!

Using Answer The Public is a no-brainer. All you have to do is type one of your business’ desired keywords and click on your country...

Answer The Public will then show you a visual graphic listing all questions and/or phrases that people are searching for that particular keyword. This valuable information lets you see specifically what the public wants to know about a certain topic.

According to the company, this software is able to give you “a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query.”

I tried using Answer The Public by searching for the keywords ‘real estate’. The software tells us that the target market is searching for numerous questions, such as:

  • “What real estate to invest in?”
  • “Which real estate app is the best?”
  • “Where the real estate marketing is headed in 2018?”
  • “Will real estate keep going up?”
  • “Are real estate taxes deductible?”

People are also searching for phrases, such as:

  • “Real estate for sale by owner”
  • “Real estate without an agent”
  • “Real estate today”
  • “Real estate forecast”

From the generated questions and phrases, you can see how Answer The Public shows businesses what they should be focusing on when writing ‘epic’ content.

Why You Should Use Answer The Public

Answer the Public’s goal is to give you an array of targeted topics from certain keywords being searched by your audience. This is great if you really want to zero in on what your target customers want you to write about.

lieIf you’re looking for a little creative inspiration, Answer The Pubic is for you. It’s also beneficial for investors who:

  • Need more ideas for social media posts
  • Need more blog post topics to write about
  • Want to know more about what your target customers want
  • Want to target their website content and article keywords for SEO

These are common issues real estate investors face...

Establishing a strong online presence is important for real estate companies who want faster lead conversion. Answer The Public helps you improve your online content so you can clearly connect with your target audience.

Answer The Public gives you really great insight at no cost. But if you’re looking for in-depth detail or search volume data, you can’t find that there.

Overall, Answer The Public is a great tool – and it’s free. Think about how you can use it in your own content marketing strategy.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Get to know your readers. Your articles and blog posts must be tailored to your target market.

Answer the questions of your target market. Now that you know what your target market is searching for, you’ll be able to answer their questions.

Pay attention to detail. If you’ve been creating content for quite some time now, you might see it as a chore, rather than a powerful tool that can drive sales to your business.

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