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Another Way to Access the MLS on Your Phone

appAwhile back we told you about Homesnap – the app that will tell you all about a house after you just upload a picture of it. Since then, Homesnap has come out with a new service called Homesnap Pro. The Pro version is only for real estate agents. This app will make your phone a powerful information device for you (more than it already is).

But first let’s review the features of the basic Homesnap app.

It’s a normal day at work. You head out to do your usual routine of ‘driving for dollars’ – looking for properties that’ll bring home lots of bacon.

After some time, you spot a property that is a potential real estate investment opportunity. Naturally, you want to know more about the property. But the problem is that there is not a single person in sight and the neighbors are nowhere to be found.

What should you do?

Snap It Like A Pro!

Homesnap is willing to…

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