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Another Way to Access the MLS on Your Phone

appAwhile back we told you about Homesnap – the app that will tell you all about a house after you just upload a picture of it. Since then, Homesnap has come out with a new service called Homesnap Pro. The Pro version is only for real estate agents. This app will make your phone a powerful information device for you (more than it already is).

But first let’s review the features of the basic Homesnap app.

It’s a normal day at work. You head out to do your usual routine of ‘driving for dollars’ – looking for properties that’ll bring home lots of bacon.

After some time, you spot a property that is a potential real estate investment opportunity. Naturally, you want to know more about the property. But the problem is that there is not a single person in sight and the neighbors are nowhere to be found.

What should you do?

Snap It Like A Pro!

Homesnap is willing to help. The app is available for both the iPhone and Android devices.

With over 90 million homes in the app’s database, there’s a great chance that the house you’re looking for is in their system. You’ll be able to see important details about the property, such as

  • Number of beds and baths
  • Map of the surrounding area
  • Taxes
  • School districts, and more.

All you have to do is take a picture of the property that caught your attention.

These important factors help the app roughly estimate the house’s value.

So what does Homesnap Pro give agents on top of the basic Homesnap app?

MLS Integration

The difference between the regular HomeSnap and HomeSnap Pro is the MLS integration. This feature allows the app to obtain all contact information of the owners of the properties you’re interested in.

If you work with an agent or you are an agent, the HomeSnap app could also give you all the information that the MLS provides. That includes:

  • Past sales price
  • Date of last sale
  • Contact information for the seller
  • The ‘agent remarks’ which buyers don’t normally get to see
  • The ability to message other agents

Easily Create a CMA

You can also create a market analysis of the area seamlessly by typing stats and choosing comps. Remember these comps are from the MLS, not general values that you can pull from places like Zillow.

Remember to pull comps that are relatively recent (last 3-6 months). With property values changing rapidly, it’s important to make sure you can be as accurate as you can.

You can email the results to yourself, to your team, and to your prospects as well.

Create Social Media Ads Easily

HomeSnap Pro also lets you seamlessly create ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and even Waze. You can advertise your properties or use it to make an effort to generate and convert leads.


According to HomeSnap, their ads are proven to capture hot leads with their targeted keywords and interactive web ads. Plus, there’s no need to understand how AdWords works or how to create ads from scratch.

The ads HomeSnap Pro helps you create are personalized and professional. Aside from that, they also put their AdWords knowledge to work by managing budget, bidding, targeting your audience, and more.

HomeSnap Pro also covers the most important aspect of advertising. While your ads are running, you can visit your app to monitor the ad’s performance, as well as adjusting the settings, get a seller’s report, and more.

Safety Timer

Lastly, HomeSnap Pro has another feature unique to them – the safety timer.

From the name itself, it’s made for your safety. You can set a timer for when you’re out showing properties to clients. When you exceed your time without manually turning it off, HomeSnap Pro alerts your emergency contacts that something may have gone wrong.

It’s really beneficial for first-time meetings or when you’re around people you’re not so comfortable with.

The Verdict

HomeSnap Pro’s features, though made for real estate agents, appear to also be useful and functional for investors. Equipped with unique features such as the safety timer, creating an instant CMA, and their advertising tools, it’s easy to see why a lot of professionals vouch for them. I recommend you try all of HomeSnap’s features at least once to see for yourself.

Have you tried using HomeSnap Pro? Let us know about your experience below!


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Make A LOT of offers. If you’re searching for investment properties on MLS, understand that it’s all about volume.

Go on open houses or property tours in your target area. Make sure you understand the market in your target area. Then you can make smart offers quickly.

Get moving! There’s a lot of competition out there. When you do pull the trigger, pull it quickly.

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