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Bond Black: Handwritten Letters Sent From Your Phone in Seconds

bondYellow letters are nice. And they work.

For mass mailings.

You plan the campaign, buy the list, create the letters in bulk, and, mail them out.

What about if you are out walking around and see a great house that has the look of fix and flip money all over it?

Sure you could scribble something on a piece of paper and tape it to the door. And some people may call.

Or maybe you want to make it look more personal. To show people you care about them.

How do you make it look like you care? Have a handwritten, personal letter delivered to the owners. That should make you stick out – especially if your competition is doing the standard ways of marketing.

Handwritten, personal letters almost always make people excited. Especially these days.

Why do we get excited? Why are we curious?

We live in a tech-filled era where we have 24/7 access to information and communication. It’s not much of an effort to send a message on Facebook, to text someone, or email them – it literally takes seconds. Which is why a handwritten letter would scream ‘OPEN ME’. It takes more time, effort, and it’ll even cost you money.

Receiving a handwritten letter that lets you know someone’s thinking of you or someone’s grateful for what you’ve done. What would you feel?

You would probably want to reach out to them and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

A Lost Art – But A Profitable Marketing Strategy

We always talk about how technology has evolved over the past years and how it has a huge impact on real estate marketing. One of the questions most people ask is, “What are some of the inexpensive real estate marketing strategies, while still giving the highest ROI?”

Handwritten notes.

You can be pretty sure that when someone receives a personal, handwritten letter, it will be read. These types of letters have a positive impact that deepens professional relationships with clients, leads, and even to your peers.

Don’t know when to send out letters? Here are some of the perfect occasions to do so:

  • Just becausetake a note
  • After you receive something
  • After someone referred you
  • After a phone call
  • After you meet someone
  • Get well
  • Celebrations
  • After receiving remarkable service
  • Before and/or after your appointment
  • Events
  • To your service providers
  • Escrow
  • Opening escrow
  • During buying experience
  • During a listing
  • And many more

Not only are handwritten letters good for prospects, they are also great for all your business contacts – investors, contractors, realtors, title agents etc.

It’s better to cultivate the habit of sending out letters regularly. Remember that in real estate, businesses thrive from good, professional relationships. It may look cheesy at first but trust me, your business will thank you.

The Name is Bond, Bond Black


While technology can’t replace the handwritten notes, it can certainly make the process of making one easier.

Bond Black is an app merges the tradition of handwritten letters and today’s technology. The app enables you to send classy and elegant handwritten notes straight from your phone. The company understands the importance of handwritten letters while acknowledging the fact that technology is evolving.  That’s why it’s so nice to be able to send them when you’re in ‘the field’.

Compose notes as easily as a text message.

All you have to do is compose your note on the Bond Black app similar to a text message. Bond Black’s technology will then write it down, put it in an envelope, stamp it, and then deliver to where you want.

Text Styles and Note Preview

Bond Black offers various fonts. Or you can digitize your own handwriting for an additional fee. You can also see your note after writing it down to make sure it’s how you want your recipient to see it. They also have customizable stationary.

Concierge Service


Bond Black also has a feature called concierge service. It helps you:

  • Find addresses,
  • Schedule when your notes should be sent,
  • Remind you of special occasions, and;
  • Expedite delivery options.

You can also send a little gift along with your letter. You can send a bouquet, a bottle of wine, or any type of token you want to send them.

Bond Group

Bond Black just recently announced their newest feature that can help users save more time and effort.

They found out that Bond Black users need a simpler interface where they’ll be able to log in, compose notes, and send them similar to how they send emails using MailChimp.

With Bond Group, its users can send handwritten notes to a group of people at the same time. This means that businesses can very well send emails to new clients and on any joyous occasion, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, and even thank you notes.


Bond Groups offer bulk pricing tiers:

The pricing breakdown per note is as follows: 2–9 notes for $4.50; 10–49 notes for $4.25; 50–249 notes for $4.00; and 250–499 notes for $3.75.

For the regular Bond Black, they offer two options:

Letters on their engraved stationery, made from 100% cotton notecards (from France!), lets you send 125 notes with postage and concierge service for $1,000.

While letters using printed stationery, made from deluxe imported paper, lets you send 100 notes with postage and concierge service.

You can also add a more personal touch to your note. For $500, Bond Black can digitize your own handwriting using their robotic technology.

Overall, Bond Black is a unique and somewhat luxurious way of sending handwritten letters to buyers, sellers, your agents, or literally everyone that’s a part of your business transactions.

Remember that a personal, handwritten note steps up the game and lets you stand among the sea of digitalized everything. Who knows, adding a personal touch may be the key to making buyers and sellers work with you. 


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Get creative! Mix up the ways you contact everyone in your business.

Send timely notes. When sending notes, it’s always ‘better late than never’. But sending timely cards makes the whole thing even more meaningful.

Include your best service providers and peers in the mix. Send letters to the people that positively impact your business. Showing them appreciation through handwritten notes will strengthen professional relationships.

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