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The Fastest, Easiest and Free-est Way to Share and View Files Online

file sharingLook, if you already use a computer more than once a month, then doubtlessly at some point you've already needed an easy way to share large files with other people over the interwebs.

I mean, sometimes those funny cat videos… I mean ugly house walk-through videos (wink, wink) are just too darn big for email to tackle.

Where’s the one-click-easy-button-to-share-this-big-honking-file?

Found it!

But first let me just say… Holy crap, there are a lot of file-sharing services out there! If you’re already a user of tools like Dropbox, or even YouSentIt (old school, yo) then spotlighting another one may seem a little redundant. But trust me, this one is special, and stands out from the rest in a number of ways.

Ways such as:

  • No log-in or accounts are required
  • It works via drag-and-drop
  • Just about anything you upload (over 150 file types) can be viewed right from the browser
  • Killer feature: you can send sharable links to files…

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