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Business Development

7 Things to Do When Hiring New Team Members

Hey guys – with this lesson, we’re excited to bring to you the kickoff for our newest series. We’re calling it the “7 Things” Series. In this series, we’ll hand off a subject to one of our advisors and then ask them to come up with 7 important things that they’d like to share about that topic.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of these types of lessons coming out in the near future. Each advisor will have their own spin on this theme. And who better to feature in this kickoff lesson than our own veteran, long-standing contributing advisor, Patrick Riddle.

Kick it Off, Patrick

This is Patrick here, and I’m super excited about being the first one out of the gate to kick off the new “7 Things” Series. I’m also excited that I get to address a subject that fits in the business-building arena.

I’m a firm believer that…

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