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14 Sharp Ways to Find Deals

leadsToday’s lesson is all about how to find great deals...

Some of these methods you may know about, but others I’m going to present today are most likely new strategies that you can begin working on today. Sources you probably haven’t thought about.

Hey Moguls, Matt Andrews here, to share with you not only some new deal-getting methods, but I’m also going to give you some great actionable info about several of these as well.

So let’s run through my list and touch on these ideas, so you can see how you can get great deals from these sources…

The First Set

1. Direct Mail – The way my business uses DM is by hiring companies to target and send out postcards and letters to distressed owners, absentee landlords or homeowners that own the home but live in another state (these owners might be investors). Basically, we’re using DM as a way to get motivated sellers to call us. And it works.

2. Internet – Obviously, this…

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