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Inner Game

The Way of the Warrior: Why You Should Want Pain Now

Warrior KidFrom Preston Ely, Mindset Advisor...

I'm going to share one of my biggest, awesomest personal success secrets with you today.

It's not going to feel good.

Let's see if you can handle it.

Everybody knows that success depends a lot on education and action, right?

I mean, while it's super boring to keep saying it over and over again, it's still true that learning the right stuff and doing the right things is what really gets you there in the end. Winning, in business and in life, is for the do-ers and go-getters, and the rest are just dreamers and wanna-be's, God love 'em.

But what about the truly remarkable? What about those who don't just "make it", but make it bigger, bolder and faster than everyone else? What's their edge?

I say it's the way of the warrior.

While the averagely smart go-getter knows the shortest path between two points is a straight line, truly remarkable warriors – the ones you fell asleep learning about in school…

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