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Inner Game

Your Dumb Head

brainLook, don't get your shorts in a wad.

It's not my fault.  It's that dumb head of yours. 

And that brain inside it -- the one that seems to get it's jollies from stuffing you down and holding you back from experiencing the full levels of awesome you're really capable of.

It's those stupid limiting beliefs that dumb head of yours keeps force-feeding you, like Edmund's Turkish Delight.

Here, let me tell you a quick story...

This one comes right from Chapter 2 (pg 46) of Brian Tracy's Maximum Achievement, which was suggested to me a while ago by my bud Patrick Riddle, but which I'm just now getting around to.

It's really good – highly recommended.

Anyways, here's the point-maker...

=====BEGIN QUOTE=====

One day, I read a true story about a young man from a small town who graduated from high school with straight A's. He then applied to the state university for admission. 

As part…

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