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Inner Game

The Stuff Results Are Made Of

cloningAre you achieving what you consider to be “success”?

If not, ask yourself…

“Do my actions match my desired result?”

“What is keeping me from getting the results I seek?”

If you don’t know the answer, don’t worry… Mogul’s got your back.

Our world class valuation expert, Mark Jackson, is gonna give us some pointers on the stuff results are made of.

So why do we have so much respect for Action Jackson?

Well, I guess you could call him the Michael Jordan of investment valuation.

Why you ask?

Well, here is a 3-pointer:

  • For starters, they both go by the nickname MJ, they kinda look alike, and they both love to play golf.
  • Both MJs are All-Stars because they know how to slam dunk success.
  • Both MJ’s have traveled around the world to share their skill.


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