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Investing Strategies

How Much Cash do you Want?

2014-09-16-260.jpgHi guys, today we have another awesome video lesson with Franklin Cruz. We’ve had a bunch of terrific lessons from Franklin and a great training call about creative deal making. Make sure you check those out!

And today, he’s going to give us a killer negotiating tip. In this video lesson, Franklin will teach you how to get the seller to open up like a can of worms and get the deal done pronto.

Franklin Cruz: aka REI Drill Sergeant

Franklin has run his own successful real estate investing business for more than 14 years. Not too shabby, right? He’s also published his own awesome book about investing that’s on Amazon right now.

He’s called the Drill Sergeant for a reason: 1. He’s a former U.S. Army Sergeant (Hoora!). 2. This dude gets stuff done – make that done well – he’s currently doing deals in four different markets.

Franklin’s days in the military have taught him to persevere, and he carries that right into the real estate world and into mentoring other investors. Yay for us!

Ninja Negotiating

On tap today, Franklin has some goodies in this video lesson including:

  • Stealth Negotiating – How to get the seller to open up quickly and sell the property at a low price.
  • R & R (Respond and Reframe) – How to respond to the seller and reframe their answer as a negotiating tactic.
  • Problem Solving for the Win – How to get the seller to state the problem, help them solve it and secure the deal.
  • And much, much more…

So, get ready to add some more negotiating knowledge to your noggin’.

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Holla at us

Do you know some ninja negotiating tactics? We wanna hear about it in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Develop the art of answering questions with questions.

Respond to the seller by reframing the seller’s statements.

Learn how to help the seller solve their dilemma and secure the deal.

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