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Investing Strategies

Wholesalers: How to High-Five Your Buyers in the Face (With Your Emails)

Pop Quiz Hotshot (in Keanu Reeves’ voice):

What determines if your marketing is a success or a failure?

B) It creates ‘Interest’
C) It elicits ‘Desire’
D) It demands ‘Action’
E) All of the above ;-)



Hey moguls – Alex Pardo here…

Easy quiz, but making sure you follow the AIDA Formula is actually a lot more critical to your success as a salesperson than you may realize and can be the difference between succeeding or failing in any business.

Wait… You do realize you’re in sales, don’t you?

You totally are.

You, my friend, are in the business of selling houses… of selling your business model… of selling your integrity (in a good way)… selling those…

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