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Investing Strategies

Wholesaling with No Cash Buyers List: Part I – Positioning

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Hey Moguls, Sean Terry here…

You’ve gotta crawl before you walk. And sometimes you need to take a step backwards to move forward. Make sense?

Stay with me... It will.

I recently received a question from a wholesaler wondering how to market a wholesale property without a cash buyer’s list.

To answer this question accurately, there’s another question that precedes this question. And that question is…

“How can you position yourself as a wholesaler, with the seller, so that you can avoid disputes and awkward, back-pedaling moments down the road?

Position Yourself for Maximum Success

In this lesson, we’re going to talk about positioning yourself – first – before you start marketing your property. Why? Because getting bit in the butt is never fun, especially if the person sinking their teeth in is your wrathful seller.


Your main goal when positioning yourself…

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