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Keep Your Yard in Check with TaskEasy

What would you feel if you walk into a property you’re interested in and you’re welcomed by an untidy lawn? If you’re interested in buying the property, you probably think ‘price reduction’. If you’re interested in renting the property, you probably think ‘maybe we can find a better rental’.

If you’re a flipper or landlord who owns the property, you won’t be happy that potential buyers or renters have these kinds of thoughts.

Keeping your lawn neat and tidy or your driveways and sidewalks snow free are important parts of investment property management. Maintaining a beautiful lawn can increase selling prices and rents. Yet lawn care is definitely not something you want to do yourself. Spend your time on more profitable activities.

How Important is a Perfect Lawn?

Apparently, it’s very important.

Much like branding, networking, and even dating, first impressions are crucial. Potential buyers and renters compare dozens of homes at the same time. You have to step it up for them to notice yours.

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