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CRM Trix Up Your Sleeve

Do you have challenges keeping up with the constant flow of clients and prospects?

I mean, we aren’t robots, so it can be difficult to keep up with everything on our own. And as the industry becomes more and more competitive, investors are looking for ways to better serve their prospects and establish a competitive edge.

Here’s where a great customer relationship management (CRM) tool comes in.

What makes a great CRM?

 Ah, CRMs... every business, big or small, benefits from them. There’s nothing worse than letting a motivated seller fall through the cracks because you are not organized or (better yet) overwhelmed with leads.  

There are TONS of CRM software available for real estate professionals.  Some are paid, some are for free, while others are on freemium.

But the best CRM tools are the ones where the free versions are almost as good as the paid ones. Assuming the paid ones are any good. Bitrix24

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