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50 First Dates: Bonding with Bulk Sellers

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first dateFinding motivated sellers is a lot like dating - without the fun stuff (wink, wink). You need to get to know someone, maybe do a little background recon, to find out if you should invest more time - or in this case, do business with him or her.

And whether you're a mass mailer, a hit-the-streets kind of investor or an online marketing kinda guy – any and all deal-getting tactics ultimately require you to talk with and listen to your sellers to determine if they are the kind of motivated seller who you can help and who will also benefit your business.

So, today’s lesson is all about bonding with not just sellers - but bulk sellers - which means looking for ways to find common ground with them. It means building rapport over time and maintaining that rapport. And every new, potential deal means that you start the bonding process from scratch.

So We Meet Again

Hey Moguls, Todd Dotson back again. In one of my recent previous lessons, I had the privilege of sharing with you my one shot, one kill deal-getting technique. Here’s hoping you took away some valuable lessons and are applying them as we “speak.”

Today, I’m back to help you find bulk sellers, to keep you motivated to bond with bulk sellers and to guide you through some of the techniques that will keep the bonding process working in your favor.

So, let’s get down to business. Check out my video lesson to discover how to best bond with bulk sellers. (Say that 10 times fast!)

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Get Ready to Bond

So there you have it, friends – bonding with bulk sellers at its best.

Remember, it all boils down to finding bulk sellers, contacting them (effectively), bulk purchasing and bonding with them, long term.

So go out there and start using the techniques I’ve shared with you to make big bucks with bulk sellers.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Tap into the resources I shared with you in my video lesson (like your local tax assessor’s office) to find property owners.

Research streets where you’ve already done deals to find owners of multiple properties.

Be action-oriented, always, and stay in attack mode.

Follow up again and again with bulk sellers, and be relentless! 

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