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Hey there Moguls, Cody Sperber here, coming to you with some important information about where to get good mailing lists and for the right price.

That’s what it’s about, right?

Mailing lists – it’s what most all investors are looking for. Well, this just happens to be your lucky day, because I’ve got the goods for you.

And because I have the goods, it’s going to save you a lot of time, money, effort, and yes, lots of anguish. (Who wants to pay big bucks for ineffective lists?)

As most of you know, I’ve been in this business a long time, which means I’ve already walked down that old trial-and-error path. After getting burned a few times, I finally learned which direct mailing list companies are the best to buy from.

And now, I’m going to pass these resources on to all of you…

Great Mail List Resources

I’ve narrowed this list down to 2 companies:

I like to use USLeadList for inherited properties lists. I’ve found that this source is the best in this department.

ListAbility is a great source for lists of absentee owners, and owner occupants with high amounts of equity – meaning free-and-clear properties.

So there you go...

I’ve saved you hours of time and hours of heartache – not to mention hours of hair-pulling frustration. No more guessing games for you. And no more excuses.

Get busy now using these companies to boost your ability to generate quality leads. Seriously, I get more calls from free-and-clear houses from these lists than from any of my other lead sources.


Getting your hands on great lists is just the first step. There is an important second step…

Once you have your lists, you must become a list-scrubber.

mailWhat does that mean?

This is a process that removes duplicates (opt-outs), and then reorganizes your lists. Only if your lists are clean will you be able to communicate with your current and potential customers.

If you keep sending your marketing messages to the wrong address, you’re guilty of wasting precious marketing dollars.

Here’s how scrubbing works...

Once you’ve acquired your list, send out your least expensive mailing piece, and use a P.O. Box number rather than your actual address. (You need to protect your own address – for many reasons, but the top one is safety.)

When you begin receiving back mail pieces with a “bad” address, you then remove all of these from your list. This is part of the scrubbing process.

The next time you mail, you will be using a cleaner list. You can do this after every mailing – you just keep on scrubbing. It’s not a 1-time task, it’s ongoing.

This process ensures you will maximize your marketing, plus, you’ll have created the most effective campaigns possible.

Now You Know

So now you know:

  • Where to purchase the best lists
  • What lists to purchase from which company
  • How to scrub your lists

All the hard work of research has been done for you. (You’re welcome!) You need look no further.

It’s time to contact these companies and order your lists. Remember to always run your cheapest mailers first – once you’ve completed the initial scrubbing you can move up to the higher-priced mailings.

This is the route to take to have your mailings bring in maximum responses and reap great rewards. And to save marketing dollars.

Let’s Hear Your Take

What’s been your experience with mailing list companies? Leave your comments below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Use the mailing list companies I’ve suggested.

Always use your cheapest mailer for the initial mailing.

Scrub your list by removing all addresses of returned mail pieces.

Continue to scrub after every subsequent mailing.

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