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Inner Game

5 Ways to Stop Being Run Over by Your Day (or Week)

run overHey, guys. It's JP Moses here and it’s time for another mind and soul adventure for Mindset Monday. I’ve got some fertile seeds to plant in those brains of yours that will hopefully grow into beastly, flourishing forests.

Okay, so more than half of you are probably saying:

You and your analogies, JP… what the heck do you mean?!

Fair enough.

Well, in today’s video lesson, I am super excited to share with you 5 ways (a.k.a. seeds) to stop being run over by your day, so you can kick butt and have a thriving, productive life and business (a.k.a. the beastly forest).

I hope you guys really open your ears to this because, let me tell ya, I feel amazing right now and so much better about myself and my productivity. I actually feel more in control of my life and business now than ever, so I hope these tips will really help you guys out in the same way.

But first, if you are new here at Mogul, let me tell you a bit about me…

The Director of Awesome (If I Do Say so myself)

So, what the heck does the Director of Awesomeness do? Well, besides having to keep up my Awesome persona, I write lessons for all you guys and I host interviews for our Elite Mogul training calls (sometimes I even interview myself).

But, I'm also a real estate investor in Memphis, TN. I got started back in 2000 after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. My personal experience ranges from landlording to note buying, rehabbing and wholesaling. However, wholesaling is the area that I enjoy the most and where I bring the most experience and expertise.

So, enough about me.

Are you guys ready to flourish? Let’s grow…

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So, whatcha think? Sorry that ran so long... I’m an enthusiast and I really want to help you guys as much as possible!

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Stop procrastinating and take control of your time using the tips mentioned in the video lesson.

Restructure your attitude and don’t “react.”

Enjoy a more productive and lucrative life. 

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